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Exclusive Services has established a reputation as a valuable provider for shredding, documentation storage and warehousing for over 25 years.

Servicing the Hamilton and surrounding regions, we cater to business of all sizes and types. Whether you are a small law firm or a large health care facility our business is built to serve your needs. We provide customized solutions based on your requirements.

We are constantly striving for efficiencies to ensure that our clients are completely and totally satisfied.

Our team of dedicated staff ensure execution, quality assurance and professionalism. The result: substantial cost savings, profitability and the confidence knowing your product is in trusted hands.





Expertise in Document Security:


Exclusive Services specializes in secure document shredding, ensuring that your sensitive information is handled by professionals with expertise in document security.


Compliance with Regulations:


The company is well-versed in compliance with data protection regulations, providing peace of mind that your document destruction aligns with legal requirements.


Customized Shredding Solutions:


Exclusive Services tailors its shredding services to your specific needs, offering a range of options for one-time purges or ongoing scheduled shredding to accommodate your document disposal requirements.


State-of-the-Art Shredding Equipment:


The company employs cutting-edge shredding technology, guaranteeing the secure and thorough destruction of your documents, surpassing the capabilities of cheaper, consumer-grade shredders.


Convenience and Turn-Key Service:


Exclusive Services offers a hassle-free, turn-key solution for document shredding. From collection to destruction, the process is streamlined, allowing you to focus on your core business while they handle the secure disposal of your documents.

Chain of Custody Assurance:


The company maintains a secure chain of custody throughout the entire shredding process, ensuring that your confidential information is handled with the utmost care and accountability.


Environmental Responsibility:


Exclusive Services often includes eco-friendly disposal options, such as recycling shredded materials, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility that may not be a priority for cheaper, less professional shredding options.


Time and Cost Efficiency:


While the upfront cost of a consumer-grade shredder may seem lower, Exclusive Services offers a cost-effective solution when considering the time and resources saved by outsourcing document shredding. This allows your staff to focus on more valuable tasks.


Certificate of Destruction:


The company provides a certificate of destruction after each shredding service, offering documented proof that your sensitive information has been securely disposed of, a crucial record for compliance and auditing purposes.


Customer Support and Accountability:


Exclusive Services emphasizes customer support, ensuring that any questions or concerns are promptly addressed. This level of accountability is often lacking with cheaper shredding options, where customer service may be limited or non-existent.

Why Exclusive
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